The nG12500 Family of Ultra High Pressure Pilot Scale Homogenizers

Developed a process and wish to fine tune it before going to full scale production, or wish to process small scale production volumes? The nG12500 is the ultimate solution.

Using our proven electro-hydraulic system and precise valve control system, homogenizers in the nG12500 range are equally at home handling the most sophisticated applications and running small volume production.

Our Pilot - R&D- Homogenizer's offer the following:

Single intensifier and twin intensifier versions, for continuous operation at working pressures up to 400 MPa (58,000 psi) and flow rates up to 16 liters/hour (4.5 USG/hour)

The versatility of a laboratory homogenizer yet fully equipped for continuous pilot scale production

PLC electronic control and monitoring system, for simple push-button operation

Temperature control and feed system options to suit every need

Stainless steel enclosure with transparent safety cover

Small footprint

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