A versatile, modern replacement for the French ® Press Cell Disruptor. Fully featured systems that can lyse multiple cell types efficiently whilst maintaining intracellular contents integrity.

For - Cell Lysis / Protein Extraction - Purification, Liposomes, Particle Size Reduction, Nanoemulsions, Suspensions and Dispersions.

Laboratory / Bench-top

Stansted Laboratory Homogenizers

Small scale, high versatility fully featured systems with pressures to 60,000 psi (420 MPa, 4200 bar).

Pilot - R&D

Stansted Pilot Homogenizer

For continuous operation at working pressures up to 420 MPa and flow rates up to 16 liters/hour.


Stansted Production Homogenizer

Production systems for all applications, flow rates to 375 l/hr pressures to 60,000 psi (420 MPa, 4200 bar). Fully featured systems. Versatile and reliable.

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Cell Disruption / Lysis

Homogenising Systems Ltd offers an extensive range of high pressure cell disruption systems. Whatever the application, our range which includes our patented construction and versatile homogenizing valve options ensure a high performance, high integrity and user friendly solution is available.

Our industry leading pressure performance up to 60,000 psi (4,200 bar) ensure our systems can handle the toughest cells while a versatile range of flexible lysing valves ensure finely controlled operation even when working the softest.

The Typical applications of our cell disrupter systems include:


Yeasts (s cerivises, pichia)


Mammalian cells


Staph a.

... and many others

Many systems benefit from our patented construction which ensures quick and easy access for cleaning, inspection and maintenance.

Our bench top SPCH range provides a powerful, safe, versatile and extremely user friendly replacement for the French ® pressure cell system with capabilities for batch and continuous operation.

Our scalable technology offer practical processing from 1ml, through bench top, pilot and production systems with flow rate in excess of 1000 l/hr.

See video of a Laboratory high pressure cell disrupter in operation here

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