Our 'Stansted' Bench-top Cell Distruptor, for Cell Lysis, produces the smallest, most uniform particle sizes in the fewest passes. Highly versatile, with adjustable process pressure and temperature control, our systems can lyse multiple cell types efficiently whilst maintaining intracellular contents integrity.

Cell Distruptor for Cell Lysis - Features and Benefits

Continuously adjustable process pressure from 1,500 psi (10 MPa) to 60,000 psi (410 MPa) allows processing of ingredients that are difficult or uneconomical to process in any other way, offering the widest scope of formulations

The homogenising valve features ceramic needle and seat with profiled geometry for optimised performance. Pneumatically controlled, it provides constant pressure and allows fine adjustment

Choice of (easily interchangeable) processing cells: 1 ml, 10 ml, 18 ml and 35 ml

The inverted design and full-stroking piston with bore seal practically eliminates dead volume

Can be run in single-shot mode - including very viscous formulations - and continuous mode (except the 1 ml cell). The flow rate in both modes is adjustable from drop-by drop to 200 ml/min (depending on the processing cell and formulation)

All wetted parts are simply removable without tools in less than one minute for cleaning, sterilization (including autoclave), pre-cooling, or pre-warming, all as required by the sample/process

Three options for temperature control

The apparatus used for cell disruption is often referred to as a 'French ® pressure cell press', or 'French ® Press'. Our range of Stansted 'Benchtop' Cell Disruptors provide a user friendly replacement for the 'French ® Press'.

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View video of our Lab Homogenizer Cell Disrupter in operation


Improved processing efficiency for multiple applications

Cell Rupture / Lysis

Nano Particles


Solid Lipid Nano Particles





Dimensions and Weight

(basic configuration)
Width approx. 550mm (21.7″)
Depth approx. 600mm (23.6″)
Height approx. 670mm (26.7″)
Weight approx. 125 kg (275 lb)